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Our professional audio engineers will create the ideal recording set-up for you, guide you through each take, and obtain high quality audio.  This service includes recording, mixing, and mastering.

This includes the photoshoot and editing of photos.

This includes a full-service production with copy writing, actors, camera crew, editing, music and graphics.

Our inhouse graphic designers will create the ideal branding for you.  This includes any logo, social media posts, or print material designs.

Our team works to boost your website's visibility on search engines and reach more customers.

Our team will create a full functioning website to suit your needs.

This service includes a setup/breakdown of PA system (subwoofers as well), mixing board, various microphones, full drum set mics, and 2 sound engineers.
*We are not a DJ service, but can refer you to one in the area if that service is needed.

This service includes either the ongoing social media management or social media campaign bundle.

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