Get your audiobook made. Our studio has you covered.

Take the next step! Audiobooks are currently that fastest growing segment of the digital publishing world. Make your next step an easy one with our studio engineers, catalogue of narrators, and affordable pricing at Artist Haven Media.

See below for how we'll bring your story to life.

Design Book

What You Provide

We require the following information: 

  • Book Genre

  • Number of pages

  • Number of words per page

  • Voice preference: male, female, dialect preference (if any)


We'll Handle The Rest

We'll forward a number of narrator samples that align with the received description.

Once a narrator is selected: A contract must be signed and includes that Artist Haven Media holds no legal rights to your work, nor does the narrator.

At that time a deposit of 50% is required, with scheduled payment of the balance upon completion.


Your Final Product

Studio Engineers with our Narrator -  $80.00/hr

  • Mixing and mastering  included

Studio Engineers without our Narrator - $50.00/hr


  • In case of self-narration/3rd party narrator

  • Mixing and mastering included

Your audiobook will be provided to you in the format required per media outlet (ex. Audible, Kindle, Amazon, etc).